LIFE WEEE events and visibility of our project in external events

The organization of specific events to share the inspiring principles and results of the project is an important part of LIFE WEEE. Equally important is the network with which WEEE is in contact, made up of other LIFE projects, research institutes, institutions and events that are working on the subject of WEEE. On this page you will find updated news on our networking activity.

The complete calendar of meetings held by the Florence Chamber of Commerce is here.

2021, 16-19 March - Life WEEE at Didacta 2021: a training event for teachers on Wednesday 17 March at 18:00-20:00h and information capsules at the educational fair this year totally online.

2021, 23 and 25 February - Two webinars for Local Administrators: raising public awareness of electronic waste.

2020, 4 December - Webinar for EEE distributors and installers on WEEE management: practical cases and telematics tools. Organized by the Florence Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Ecocerved SCARL, it is aimed at all companies that treat waste from electrical and electronic equipment: EEE distributors, EEE installers and WEEE transporters.

27 May 2020 - Final event online of the alternating school-work programme at the Regione Toscana with focus group on the Life WEEE Project by class 4B of the Porta Romana Art School, Sesto Fiorentino, in collaboration with the Tuscan Regional Education Department.

5-8 November 2019 - Life WEEE at Ecomondo, Rimini Fiera: distribution of gadgets and information material at the dedicated stand and meetings with businesses, schools and local administrators.

14 October 2019 - Life WEEE is guest at the event for 600 students of the IIS Ginori - Conti High School at the Odeon Cinema and Theatre in Florence led by the Isola della Sostenibilità with its 2019 tour: CLIMA DI CAMBIAMENTO (CLIMATE OF CHANGE)

9-11 October 2019 - Life WEEE at Didacta Italia 2019, Fortezza da Basso in Florence: information material distributed on the Project presented on Wednesday 9 October as part of the Tuscany Environmental Education Project: environmental culture as an opportunity for growth and education in European citizens Conference & Workshop, organised by the Regional Education Department.

14-18 August 2019 - Festambiente

11 December 2018 - Communication and environmental education launch event: "LIFE WEEE: between circular economy and environmental education"         

4-7 December 2018 - Isola della Sostenibilità: a day of workshops on WEEE and the Life WEEE Project organized by Fab Lab Firenze was held in Rome in the Mattatoio di Testaccio.

18-20 October 2018 - The project Life Weee at Didacta Italia 2018 with information material and a dedicated event in which the regional councillor for the environment Federica Fratoni presents the project.    

10-19 August 2018 - Festambiente 

29 June 2018 - Networking with the NaturALL LIFE project.

May 2018 - Isola della sostenibilità: at the IIS Ginori - Conti High School, the Regione Toscana presented the Life WEEE Project and information bites on WEEE. 

29 January 2018 - Life WEEE at the final conference of the EwasteR Project: WEEE projects compared.   

24 November 2017 - Life WEEE Opening workshop. The regional councillor for the environment Federica Fratoni makes the closing speech.

04 May 2022

Free webinars on WEEE legislation and Circolaraee software

Dos mañanas dedicadas a las empresas: 14 y 20 de mayo de 2021
13 May 2021

Final LIFE WEEE Conference in Andalusia

En línea 13 de mayo de 2021
04 May 2022

RAEE-THINK: final conference of the LIFE WEEE European project

Reconsiderar los comportamientos y las políticas para convertirse en protagonistas activos de la revolución verde
23 February 2021

Life WEEE at Didacta 2021

Un evento de formación para docentes y píldoras informativas
18 February 2021

Two webinars in February 2021 for Local Administrators

Residuos electrónicos y sensibilización de los ciudadanos
17 September 2020

Webinar for EEE distributors and installers, 04 December 2020

La gestión de los RAEE: casos prácticos y herramientas telemáticas
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