Ecocerved Scarl

Ecocerved is a Consortium Company owned by Italian Chambers of Commerce, specialized in Information Technology solutions for environmental issues.

The company works along the following operative lines:

  • supporting Italian Chambers of Commerce for the implementation of informative systems foreseen by legislation and the setting up of agreements with the Local Administrations;
  • planning, implementation and management of Data Banks and informative systems connected with waste, air emissions and water discharge;
  • consultancy to local governments for the problems related to waste management and other environmental issues;
  • data gathering, even through on-site survey, and analysis on the amount and typology of waste production, water discharge and territorial distribution of polluting activities;
  • elaboration of statistical models for the evaluation of waste production and treatment, supply of data to Local Administrations, enterprises and environmental and planning consulting firms;
  • research and developing of models for the application of environmental management systems in SMEs.

In addition, Ecocerved is in charge of the development, data gathering, processing and diffusion – through telecommunication systems – of a statistical data bank of the information acquired on waste. Ecocerved has developed the national database of waste transporters, which contains the official information related to the single enterprises as well as the statistics requested by the Minister of Environment.

On behalf of the Italian Minister of the Environment and of the national union of the Chambers of Commerce, Ecocerved developed the national Register of producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment with information on category and amount of EEE placed on the Italian market per year, type of clients (households, businesses, industry), trademark and financing scheme.


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