Software for SMEs

The video course for WEEE management, for distributors, installers, maintenance technicians and technical assistance centers is online (for companies operating in Italy).

Within the project, a software will be developed by Ecocerved to simplify administrative procedures for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collection, facilitating the legal obligations related to forms, registers and transport documents.

The software will be a web application, also accessible from mobile devices, which will allow distributors, installers and operators of the technical service centers to compile and digitally store the following documents:

  • loading/unloading forms, that the subject must produce when he receives a WEEE/directs it to a grouping site or collection center.
  • registers, which distributors must complete to record the loading/unloading operations.
  • transport documents, that must accompany every WEEE transport operation.

The software will have also a functionality through which distributors may delegate other actors (e.g. the category association or logistic operators). Moreover an Application Programming Interface (API) will allow the use from third-party software, e.g. for the integration within the computer systems used by distributors and by the coordination centers and logistic operators.

At each step of the software development activities, dematerialization and simplification will be considered priorities, if applicable, in full compliance with current legislation.

To view the current software version and updates on the progress of the activity, visit the CircolaRAEE website