Georeferencing of collection points

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The UNIFI - Department of Information Engineering (DINFO), DISIT Lab, developed the LIFE WEEE APP which provides a series of services for private users and companies and the geo-referencing of the network of collection points in Tuscany and Andalusia.
The mobile application, available in Italian, English and Spanish, provides all relevant information on how to reach the nearest collection points and is intended to encourage individual user responsibility.
In fact, based on the type of obsolete electronic equipment that the user wants to dispose of, a function for calculating the environmental impact makes it possible to highlight the recovered substances (for example heavy metals, plastics, etc.) and reduced emissions of effect gas. greenhouse.
The App also provides suggestions on the correct electronic waste disposal practices.

The new version of the LIFE WEEE App has been released, and is currently available for Android in the Google Play Store and  also for iOS. The new App introduces several important innovations:

- multilingual support: depending on the language set on the device, the app will start in Italian or Spanish. In all other cases it will be in English.
 - the geo-localized pins relating to the collection centres are differentiated according to the type (ecological island, eco-van, eco-stages, company).

- the loading of the list of collection centres is done from the server, so the list can be updated without modifying the App.

The app also contains recently added companies and can be downloaded from here: