For Citizens

The main objective of the LIFE WEEE project is to increase the collection coming from final consumers, at least until the collection targets set by the Directive 2012/19/ EU are reached.

Per i Cittadini

Do you usually bring the broken appliance when you go to buy the new one? Have you ever been to the nearest collection station? Probably not, and maybe you do not even know where it is. Yet the citizens have an important role in the management of WEEE: they are required to separate WEEE from other waste, do not remove or disassemble part of the equipment and do not tamper with it and finally give this waste to the distribution or alternatively, give it to the Municipal Collection Center or call the service activated by the Municipality. Unfortunately there is a lack of information for consumers, many of which show they do not know the legislation, nor do they know what a collection station is and they resort to bad practices in the disposal of WEEE. Many problems related to the management of WEEE are due to the lack of knowledge of citizens: therefore it is necessary to raise awareness of the environmental and economic damage that derives from the improper disposal of WEEE and to give practical and usefull informations to put anyone in a position to do their best.

An awareness campaign for the promotion of WEEE collection will inform the responsible disposal obligations and raise awareness about the dangers of electronic waste for the environment and health. The long-term goal of the campaign is to change the behavior of citizens with regard to the disposal of WEEE, in order to achieve the collection targets defined in Directive 2012/19 / EU in Tuscany and Andalusia, and then expand it to national in Italy.