Chamber of Commerce of Seville

The Chamber of Commerce of Seville (CCSEV, is a non-profit Public Corporation established by Law as an advisory body to collaborate with Public Authorities, to which it represents the general interest of the companies in the region. CCSEV promotes economic and business development and it provides services to the companies in the region, including internationalization, innovation and entrepreneurship. CCSEV also works in close collaboration with the Regional Government of Andalusia and other Public Administration bodies, such as the municipalities in the province of Seville, by involving the private sector and to represent, promote and defend the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Shipping and providing services to companies. CCSEV uses to enhance new economic sectors and new business opportunities for the companies in the region.

In the energy and environment sector, CCSEV has experience involving companies and to organise them in common training, capacity building, raise awareness and to support legislation related to the corresponding business activities. Relevant projects to remark are STEEEP (CIP IEE, 2014-2016): promoting energy efficiency in SMEs; MARE (FP7, 2013-2016): research and innovation on energy efficiency and renewable energies between the EU and MED countries; CORINTHOS (MED, 2014-2015): identifying business niches in maritime clusters, including analyzing barriers for environmental protection and economic growth; SCORE (MED, 2010 - 2012): supporting sustainable construction SMEs in rural areas. At regional level, CCSEV is supporting some municipalities in implementing their energy efficiency plans.

CCSEV is associated at different international, national and local level (eg. Eurochambres, ASCAME, etc.) and it has a wide network of local and regional stakeholders, to which to engage in the projects according to each sector.

In Andalusia, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Seville, the following bodies cooperate: the Consejería de Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Desarrollo Sostenible, the Federación Andaluza de Municipios y Provincias (FAMP), the Federación Andaluza de Electrodomésticos y Otros Equipamientos del Hogar (FAEL) and Recilec.

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