ANCI Toscana

The Association of Municipalities of Tuscany, ANCI Tuscany, is a non-profit association established to achieve the system of local and regional Tuscan autonomies founded on the principles of freedom, democracy and citizen participation. ANCI Tuscany constitutes the regional branch of the National Association of Italian Municipalities having as objective the promotion of a more extensive and active participation of the associated entities. The Association is composed of 279 Municipalities of Tuscany and the Metropolitan City of Florence. The Association includes as members also other bodies derived from the Municipalities, Unions and consortiums of Municipalities, Area Authorities, who share the aims of the Statute. Main areas of intervention: coordination of activities of municipalities and organizational integration to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness; decentralization of the functions of public interest and simplification of administrative procedures; opportunities for exchange and joint initiatives with ANCI and other Regional ANCI; organization of conferences, seminars and training opportunities; development of appropriate forms of relationship with other local authorities; exchange of the experiences of governments, support to studies on technical, financial, organizational and legal problems of common interest of the associated entities; publication of studies, researches, reports, documents and their dissemination among the associated entities.


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