Educational events and teaching kit

The LIFE WEEE Playground @ schools communication campaign involves schools in Andalusia and Tuscany where it develops on two lines of action.

 1. A half-day event, dedicated to the correct management and re-use of electrical and electronic equipment and professional opportunities in the world of WEEE, is offered to 20 high school classes and held by Fab Lab Florence. A first part of the training interventions took place - partly in the context of school-work alternation - in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and with the Regional School Office - in the school year 2018-2019. The latest events will be offered at the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year. Any schools interested are invited to contact the Regione Toscana by email at

 2. Thanks to the collaboration with the Regional Scholastic Office of Tuscany it has come to outline the possibility of proceeding with an experience of participatory planning of a product for schools thought by the schools themselves that we believe represents an extremely effective added value compared to the usual possibilities offered by the communication market. A purpose network was thus activated for schools that met certain experiential requirements both in terms of the design of teaching media and graphic rendering and design, in order to study the LIFE WEEE teachers kit provided by the Playground@school campaign (leaflets, information sheets, lesson ideas, games on WEEE collection). The kit, the first drafts of which are available here as attachments, can be downloaded in final version from the Regione Toscana website and used by teachers and parents of older primary school and early middle school pupils.

Go to the Playground@schools Teachers Kit page, download the booklet and the various parts of the game. Tell us about your experience: the best photo, video and/or written reports will be published on the project and project partner websites and social channels.

Raising awareness and environmental education events already carried out:

  • Final event online of the alternating school-work programme, Florence, May 2020: @Regione Toscana with focus on the Life WEEE Project by class 4B of the Porta Romana Art School, Sesto Fiorentino, in collaboration with the Tuscan Regional Education Department.
  • ECOMONDO, Rimini, November 2019: in the four-day event with international coverage, mini-events for schools with distribution of gadgets and information material at a dedicated stand.
  • Isola della Sostenibilità Florence, October 2019: Presentation of the project in front of an audience of about 600 students from the Florence high school.
  • DIDACTA ITALIA, Florence, October 2019: distribution of information material at the regional stand and presentation of the project at the event of the Regional School Office "Tuscany Environmental Education Project" with the LIFE WEEE intervention - integrated environmental education planning with and for the school.
  • Event to launch communication activities, Florence, December 2018: Laboratory of tools and opportunities for an aware approach to WEEE and technology, by Fab Lab Florence.
  • Isola della Sostenibilità, Rome, December 2018: LIFE WEEE, Modding is NOT a crime, led by Fab Lab Florence. 
  • Isola della Sostenibilità, Istituto Ginori Conti in Florence, May 2018: What are WEEE and presentation of the LIFE WEEE project, led by the Regione Toscana.

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