An opportunity to learn about the proper management of WEEE
October 13 2018 International E-waste day

It is estimated that 50 million tonnes of e-waste will be generated globally in 2018. Half of this is personal devices such as computers, screens, smartphones, tablets and TVs. Only 20% of global e-waste is recycled each year, which means that 40 million tonnes of e-waste is either placed in landfill, burned or illegally traded and treated in a sub-standard way.

 Tomorrow is the First International E-Waste Day, developed by the WEEE Forum with the support of 27 not-for-profit e-waste companies in 21 different countries across the world. It is being used to raise the public profile of e-waste recycling and encourage consumers to recycle their e-waste with the resulting increase in e-waste recycling rates on the day itself and into the future