DISIT lab and research group is active since 1994. It is one of the most active ICT labs of the University of Florence. DISIT successfully developed a relevant number of International and National research, development and innovation projects. DISIT provides an infrastructure for cloud and distributed computing. DISIT has coordinated a number of large EC projects, and also coordinating scientific and technical WP and performing activities of dissemination and assessment. DISIT has received a relevant number of awards and is directly involved into top level international conferences, advisory boards, and committees.

DISIT provides solutions for: Smart City modelling and tools, decision support system, prediction, user behaviour analysis, multilingual and cross media indexing, user and collective profiling, indoor/outdoor navigation, media synchronisation, matchmaking, audio transcoding, sentient and autonomous agents and tools, open data, linked open data.

DISIT research areas are: big data, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed systems, formal models, metrics definition and assessment: Smart City integrated solutions; Data Mining and understanding: OD ingestion, quality improvement, data fusion, econciliation; Open Data: OD, LOD, RDF stores visual tools, link discovering, enrichment; Data analytics: statistics, clustering, logistic and holistic regression, machine learning, indexing and search, similarity distance; Semantic computing: ontology / knowledge modeling, reasoning, deduction, recognition, disambiguation, prediction, inference, such as: high performance distributed systems, Grid and parallel computing; RDF store: indexing, high performance, parallel querying; Content and data protection: IPR modeling, conditional access, digital rights management, MPEG-21.


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