Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): treasures to recover!

Life Weee project aims to increase and improve the collection of WEEE in Tuscany and in Andalusia. How? With a new governance model based on the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises and with awareness activities towards citizens... more

For Citizens
The main objective of the LIFE WEEE project is to increase the collection coming from final consumers, at least until the collection targets set by the Directive 2012/19/ EU are reached.
For Companies
Infos on charges, costs and opportunities for to the collection of electrical and electronic waste
For Institutional bodies and trade associations
Technical training for public officials and stakeholder involvement

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WEEE collection during the COVID19 emergency: the situation in Tuscany and Order of the President n.25 of 06-04-2020
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News highlights

WEEE information arrives at home
Alia sends information to all TARI (municipal waste tax) users on how to manage WEEE
2019 Training for Companies

21 February 2019

2019 Training for Companies

The First Appointments
WEEE, these dangerous unknown
The Demopolis Institute survey in Tuscany confirms the sensitivity of citizens to the quality of the environment

Featured events

LIFE WEEE at “Isola della sostenibilità”
On Monday 14th October 2019 in Florence Life WEEE meets 600 students at the theatre
Didacta 2019: WEEE and environmental education
Wednesday 9th October at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence

Collection points

The Collection Points (CdR) are created and managed by the Municipalities and Companies authorized to manage WEEE.

The CdR are open to all citizens and users who can deliver domestic WEEE free of charge.

The Collection Points can carry out the collection of WEEE from one or more Municipalities and accept the WEEE coming from the Distribution.

Soon, thanks to the App developed for Life Weee by DISIT Lab, at the Department of Information Engineering (DINFO) of the University of Florence, it will be possible to have in real time all the relevant information on how to reach the nearest collection points in Tuscany and in Andalusia.

The network of transfer centers to guide you in the correct management of WEEE


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1 September 2017 - 31 August 2020