Contributions for local communication projects on the collection of WEEE in Italy

Notice open until July 31, 2018 on the CdC RAEE portal

Contributi per progetti locali di comunicazione sulla raccolta dei RAEE

The notice of contribution for the implementation of local communication projects on the collection of WEEE is open until 17.00 on 31 July 2018.

The producers of EEE, through the Italian WEEE Coordination Center (Centro di Coordinamento RAEE, ie Cdc RAEE), make available the sum of € 200,000 for the enhancement of local communication activities specifically designed for WEEE on the territory, through the publication of a Notice of contribution. The method of managing this amount is of a private nature, the procedure is promoted by the Steering Committee and the management is entrusted to the WEEE Coordination Center.

The activities of communication, information and education must be inspired by the principles of priorities established in art. 6 of Legislative Decree 49/2014 and must be aimed at increasing awareness of WEEE and its collection.

At least 10 communication projects will be funded, with grants from 5,000 to 40,000 euros.

Full details on the CdC RAEE portal.