Information kit for the public administration

Informative material available to Municipalities

In the context of the project Life WEEE, within a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the degree of knowledge among citizens in our region, a kit of informational materials addressed to Municipalities has been produced, containing a banner, poster and the first edition of a periodic newsletter.

These are informational banners, newsletters and posters that are freely available to the Municipalities and they can use and disseminate through their own communication tools: in order, institutional website of the Municipality, mailing list, internal billboards.

Newsletters and posters are downloadable in PDF format from the attachments at the bottom of the page, where you will also find the banners and pictures in JPG format within zipped folders.

Among the banners , in detail, you will find:

1) a 300x300 square format banner

2) a 280x100 rectangular format banner

We ask you to insert the banner in the institutional website of the Municipality, so as to give the maximum possible visibility to the communication in question.

Each banner has five different versions, with five different types of image that you can use monthly, for example, in such a way as to always have an updated image and broad and varied communication.

You will also find an 800x400 image to be used for other purposes on your website.

With regard to the newsletter, the one attached to the kit is the first and the second edition of a series of letters that Municipalities will receive once a month.

We suggest to send it to the mailing list of the Municipality.

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