WEEE: collection increases by 10% in 2019

Non-definitive data released by the WEEE Coordination Centre

Raee: nel 2019 la raccolta aumenta del 10%

WEEE collection increases by 10% in 2019: this is the news released by the WEEE Coordination Centre (CDC RAEE), although the data are not yet definitive.

2019 proved to be a positive year for WEEE collection, as Giorgio Arienti, General Manager of Ecodom had already said in an interview in which he says he is not surprised because "there is a huge growth margin” for the whole sector.

The data released by CDC RAEE for 2019 are clear. With an increase of 32,430 tons compared to 2018, WEEE  collection in 2019 recorded an increase of 10%, for a total of 343,041 tons throughout the national territory. However, it should be emphasized that this is not definitive data, as a result it may be subject to changes. In detail in the latter part of the year, the slowdown in collection in November, which was still positive (+2%), was offset by the strong increase recorded in December (+22%) with the effect that growth in the quarter remained in line with the rest of the year (+10%).

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