Two webinars in February 2021 for Local Administrators

Electronic waste and citizen awareness

Due webinar a febbraio 2021 per gli Amministratori Locali

What can be done to encourage the correct disposal of electrical and electronic waste? How to increase citizens' awareness on the issue? Which role for public administrations and which one for retailers? What relationship between public administrations and management companies?

These are the central themes that will be covered in the webinars, organized by ANCI Toscana as part of the LIFE WEEE project, and aimed at Mayors, Councillors and Officials of local administrations.

The first webinar, which will be held next Tuesday 23 February, will be an opportunity for administrators to get some ideas on how to become opinion leaders and lead the way towards this which in effect and for many reasons we can consider the recycling new frontier.

The second appointment set for Thursday 25 February is instead dedicated to technicians and professionals in the sector, public and private, for an in-depth study on the issue of electronic waste management and for capsules on effective communication strategies directed towards citizens.


For registration:

Electronic waste (WEEE): how to increase citizens' awareness to become a virtuous municipality - 2nd edition

Tuesday 23 February  11:30 – 12:30


Electronic waste (WEEE): knowing and managing it correctly - 2nd edition

Tuesday 25 February  11:30 – 12:30