Second monitor visit, 22 May 2019

Press Release

Seconda visita di monitoraggio 22 maggio 2019

The second appointment to monitor the Life Weee project took place on May 22nd at the Saloncino delle Murate, via dell'Agnolo 1/a in Florence.

The event saw a technical session in the morning, in which the partners illustrated the methodologies and results of the activities and an afternoon session dedicated to examining the financial and administrative aspects. The work was coordinated by ANCI Toscana, project leader, in the presence of the external Monitor, dr. Marco Tosi and saw all the LIFEWEEE partners and some of the main stakeholders of the project.

The appointment was an opportunity to illustrate the activities developed and the results obtained during the last 12 months of work and to have feedback and assessments from the Commission. It was also an important opportunity to gather useful impressions and suggestions for the development of the activities during the last year of project activities.

Among the stakeholders present, the Scuola Sant'Anna, which oversaw the training events for Small and Medium Enterprises, the interregional school of the State Police, involved in training for the Control Bodies, the comprehensive institute "Scarperia- San Piero "representing the purpose network of the Tuscan schools that collaborate in the Life Weee project coordinated by the regional school office and finally the Spanish Consortium FAEL (Federacion Andaluza de Electrodomésticos y Otros Equipamientos del Hogar) which supported the Seville Chamber of Commerce in the actions on the Andalusian territory.

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