Reopening of collection centres in Tuscany

After the closure of the collection centres due to Covid19

Riapertura centri di raccolta in Toscana

At this time of emergency due to COVID-19, almost all collection centres in Tuscany are closed to users and many operators (not all) have also interrupted the home collection service for bulky waste and WEEE. In this regard, the Order of the President of the Regione Toscana no 25 of 06-04-2020 COVID-19 health emergency. Waste management measures - Order pursuant to art. 191 of Legislative Decree 152/2006

In recent weeks, the situation has been gradually getting back to normal. Here are the links of the operators, where you can find information on the reopening of collection centres and eco stations. Please bear in mind that the websites are updated continuously, this is the situation as at 15 June 2020:ì-15-giugno-i-centri-di-raccolta-saranno-aperti-al-pubblico-senza-prenotazione

People who cannot find their operator on the list are advised to contact their operator or municipal authority directly for collection times and procedures and, should collection be impossible, we remind you that it is preferable to keep collectable waste at home temporarily. In any case:

- do not dispose of it in public bins or, worse still, dump it beside roadside bins
- follow the instructions of the recycling collection service operator.