Newspaper La Nazione reports LIFE WEEE activity in schools

Online environmental education

Educazione ambientale con Life Weee sul quotidiano La Nazione

The newspaper La Nazione reported on the two events that, as part of the educational activities planned under the Life WEEE project, the Regione Toscana held online with Fab Lab in the first week of June 2020.

The videoconference educational events were made possible thanks to the involvement of the Municipal Authority of Montecatini Terme - with the participation of the Councillor for the Environment and the Municipal Authority’s technical experts - and the Salutati High School. They were already in the calendar for the end of April, but with the closure of all schools and the difficulty of rescheduling the activities in compliance with the school’s teaching programme, in the end, the events were shifted to the last few days of the school year, with the hope of being able to propose further events at the beginning of next year.

With the extension of the Life WEEE project, it should be possible to schedule some additional events for autumn 2020. Any schools that are interested are invited to write to

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