Launch of communication activities

Circular economy and environmental education to communicate good practices on WEEE

Lancio attività di comunicazione

The launch event of the communication campaign of the LIFE WEEE project was held at the headquarters of the Tuscany Region in Piazza dell'Unità 1 in Florence, with the participation of the Regional Environment Councilor Federica Fratoni and the Director of Anci Toscana Simone Gheri.

The recent collaboration with the Regional Scholastic Office of Tuscany, has had on this occasion an interesting debut thanks to the presence of students and professors of ISIS Leonardo da Vinci and IIS Cellini, to whom the first training laboratory was dedicated. This section was developed by the FabLab Florence association which shared the possibilities for reducing WEEE, through simple operations and repairs aimed at extending the life of electrical and electronic equipment.

Councilor Fratoni underlined the importance of environmental education also in terms of improving the effectiveness of environmental policies and the non-secondary role that community projects can have as opportunities for new and increasingly effective initiatives in this direction. Renata Laura Caselli, regional manager in charge of waste, subsequently illustrated the large numbers of waste collection in Tuscany, with a focus on WEEE, which sees Tuscany in a virtuous position compared to the national average and inserting all this in the context of Circular Economy, on which the Regional Administration is working a lot both in terms of regulatory instruments and, precisely, of dissemination and education initiatives.

Anci Director Mr. Gheri underlined the essential role of the knowledge of the WEEE phenomenon on the part of the citizens, highlighting how even the situation "in the field" presents great margins for improvement for the dissemination of information and the possibilities for proper management and disposal. Rosa Schina, PM of the project made Gheri's thesis more robust, illustrating the results of a research that Anci Toscana, leader of the project, commissioned from the Demopolis Institute and which highlight how in a region like Tuscany, which is particularly careful and sensitive to environmental issues compared to the Italian average, less than a fifth of citizens demonstrate that they actually know what is meant by WEEE.