WEEE collection in emergency COVID19

The situation in Tuscany and President's Ordinance n.25 of 06-04-2020

La raccolta RAEE in emergenza COVID19

In this moment of emergency due to COVID-19, almost all collection centers in Tuscany are closed to the citizens (since some weeks already) and many waste management systems (not all of them) have also stopped the home collection service for bulky waste and WEEE.

In Tuscany it was issued the Ordinanza del Presidente n.25 del 06-04-2020 Emergenza epidemiologica da COVID-19. Misure per la gestione dei rifiuti - Ordinanza ai sensi dell'art. 191 del D.lgs. 152/2006

Below is an excerpt with the provisions for collection centers and ecological stations.

"... 4. Taking into account the urgent measures to contain the contagion on the whole national territory and the precautionary measures dictated by the health emergency, in order to comply with the safety provisions of people and to guarantee the performance of the priority collection activities of domestic waste of daily production, that the collection centers referred to in the Ministerial Decree of 8 April 2008 and the ecological stations referred to in Article 13 paragraph 2 letter a) of the decree of the President of the Regional Council of 29 March 2017, n.13 / R are closed to the public. The possibility remains for the operators to carry out normal operational and logistical activities in them; .... "

At the moment we can suggest citizens to keep home, for NOW, all WEEE:

- do not put them in the bins neither abandon them in the road outside bins,

- follow the instructions of your city collection services.

This suggestion also applies to other waste streams that are usually sent to collection centers and ecological stations.