The WEEE discipline: seminar at Confindustria Firenze on May 31, 2018

La disciplina dei RAEE, il 31 maggio 2018 seminario a Confindustria Firenze

Confindustria Firenze has organised a seminar on May 31, 2018 where experts in the field presented the fundamental features of the WEEE discipline. An interesting moment for the producers of AEEE, as for the retailers, to know and get informed about the new arrivals.

From 15 August 2018 the scope of application of Legislative Decree 49/2014 has been extended, which has implemented the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2012/19 / EU), which requires producers, importers and sellers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) with their own brand to organize and finance the waste collection and recovery system (WEEE) deriving from products placed on the market. From that date, the scope of application will include all the equipment for which no specific exclusion ("open scope") is envisaged.